for Google Spreadsheets

NUMBERTEXT translates numbers into words.

It's simple to use!

Just install the add-on from the Google Marketplace and add the formula


You might want to get the number in a neighboring cell in words, for example, A1. Then add the formula


For some reason, do you need to get a number in another language? In Russian?

=NUMBERTEXT(123, "ru")

Would you like to translate the currency into words?


Help is built into the function. In any cell write


Do you know what the largest number can be registered with this program?

Hmm ... By the way,


How much is that at all !?

How much is it, do I need help?

This program is distributed free of charge.

NUMBERTEXT is completely based on the libnumbertext library (BSD 3-Clause License) for JavaScript and implements the Soros interpreter without changes.

For cooperation and support, write

Do you have an issue or feedback? Send the Form

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